Different Packaging Symbols


The Green Spot symbol

This sign appears on packaging materials of companies who have acquired the Integrated Management Systems (IMS) of packaging waste. It informs the local regulator which system a particular company engages in to recover its packaging waste. I also informs the Green Dot recovery program of whose packaging to collect.

packaging materials_pretoriaMobius Circle symbol

This is an internationally recognized symbol that is used to identify recyclable materials. It helps to increase environmental awareness and indicates that is a recyclable product.

packaging materials_companyFood Safe symbol

This is the international symbol used to identify that the material used in the product is safe for food contact. The regulation on the Food Safe symbol is applicable to any product that is intended for food contact, including metals, ceramics, plastics, boards and paper. It is not only used on packaging materials but also on cutlery, food and water containers.


packaging company_centurionFragile symbol

This symbol is displayed to convey that it need to be handled with care. It is used to indicate that the product inside is fragile and can be damaged.


packagin moving_materialsUmbrella symbol

This sign is used to indicate that the product must be kept away from rain and humidity conditions.


Packaging company_pretoriaTidy Man symbol

This sign indicates that you must dispose the product in an appropriate manner. This is one the most popular recycle symbols.

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